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The Gas Gripper comes with velcro for convenient storage. Simply apply one piece of the velcro to the middle round area of The Gas Gripper.

Then apply the second piece of velcro to the inside of your vehicle's gas tank door.

That's it! The Gas Gripper stores inside the gas tank door.


The Gas Gripper should only be used at pumps equipped with automatic shut-off, vapor-recovery systems.

NEVER leave the vicinity of the gas pump while gas is flowing.

Avoid static-electricity buildup while refueling. Turn off the engine, do not re-enter your vehicle, do not smoke or use cell phones.

For more safety guidelines, contact the American Petroleum Institute.

Important Information

Some local, regional or state regulations prohibit the use of any device that allows the user to remove their hand from the fill nozzle. It is the consumers' responsibility to determine legality of use in their area.

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